There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island offers plenty of cosy accommodation, perfect for hunkering down with someone special or a good book. But trust us, you won’t stay indoors for long! There’s something in the air here – the birdsong, the salty air, the warmth of the sun – that lures you outside, even if you’re the most determined couch potato. And once outside, you’ll find a dizzying array of outdoor activities to enjoy. Dive into pristine South Pacific waters perfect for swimming, surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving. Or, stay on dry land to enjoy a maze of hiking trails and our legendary golf course, as well as plenty of other sporting surprises...paintball anyone?

Three women are walking into the shallow turquoise sea holding masks, snorkels and flippers. There are waves in the distance and a rock formation to the right.
Back view of a man standing on a lush grassy area swinging a golf club. He is wearing a cap, black t-shirt and gloves. A hill and Norfolk pine trees are in the background.
Close-up of a man holding a large fish. The man is wearing a cap and blue mirrored sunglasses. He is smiling.
Shoreline view of a man in a full-length black wetsuit riding an ocean wave. He is on a yellow surfboard.
View from the sea looking towards a sandy beach, a hut and some Norfolk pine trees. Three children are sitting astride a surfboard in the calm water and a man is standing on a paddleboard.
Close-up of the back of a man pulling himself up a smooth rock face with a rope. He is wearing a khaki hat and red and grey backpack.
A man wearing a red top and a woman wearing a yellow top are standing on the side of a grassy hill covered in Norfolk pine trees. They are looking below at the blue sea.
Back view of a man riding a bicycle on a flat path through a forest. He is wearing a bright blue t-shirt. There is a sign in the top left which says Homestead.
Close-up of a man pointing a large crossbow. He is wearing glasses and a cap.
Back view of a man pointing a long double-barelled gun. He is wearing a dark coloured vest with green trim. The words Norfolk Island are printed in white.
View from the sea looking towards a cliff face face and stone buildings. There is a person windsurfing at low light.
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Water activities on Norfolk Island

The daily rhythms of our island home are dictated by the sea, and after only a few hours on Norfolk, you’ll be gently swept up by those same rhythms too. Like all new arrivals, you’ll soon find yourself gazing out at the crystal-clear waters of Emily Bay Lagoon. Then, before you know it, you’ll be paddling out to explore the pristine coral reef not far offshore. Just beyond the reef, surfers glide across perfect breaks. Right next door at Slaughter Bay is Kingston Pier, the jumping off point for diving and fishing adventures, as well as charters to nearby Phillip Island, a sanctuary for marine life and sea birds.


Land-based outdoor activities on Norfolk Island

Back on dry land you’ll find plenty of outdoor activities too. Take self-guided or guided walking tours, which explore our island's rich history, culture and natural treasures. Lose yourself beneath the towering ferns in the Norfolk Island Botanical Gardens and hike to breathtaking lookouts to see our island in all its 360° glory. If you’re a keen golfer, sign on for a club friendly round at the stunning Norfolk Island Golf Club, one of the few courses on the planet set within a World Heritage area. And if you’ve still got energy to spare, Norfolk abounds with other sporty pursuits, from cycling to archery, tennis to clay-target shooting.


Top tips for outdoor Activities on Norfolk Island

  • Be aware of sea conditions and tide times before snorkelling or swimming. Some spots, such as Crystal Pool, are best visited with a guide. Pop into our Visitor Information Centre and have a chat with our lovely staff for tips.
  • Help us to protect our coral reef by using a reef-safe sunscreen whenever you go in the water.
  • The best time to visit Norfolk Island for swimming and water activities is between November and April when the weather is warmest.
  • Our waves are one of the surfing world’s best-kept secrets. If you’re keen to experience our pristine and near-empty breaks, you will need to bring your own surfboard and wetsuit as there is no board hire on the island.
  • For the highlights, check out our 3-Day Nature & Outdoors Itinerary

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