There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

If you haven’t considered Norfolk Island for a beach holiday before, then think again. Our island’s 32 kilometres of coastline have a dazzling array of pristine sandy beaches and secret rocky coves steeped in history and folklore. Choose from the sweeping shallow bay in Kingston UNESCO World Heritage Site, or venture off to our secluded coves nestled at the base of steep cliffs to discover surfing spots and amazing snorkelling. And don’t get us started on the sunsets.

Best beaches for swimming

When it comes to swimming beaches on Norfolk Island, Emily Bay Lagoon is at the top of a pretty impressive list. Here your family can splash in the crystal-clear shallows or grab a snorkel and explore our life-filled South Pacific coral reef in calm and protected waters. While the name might not suggest holiday bliss, neighbouring Slaughter Bay is another tropical hotspot for swimming and snorkelling.

Best beaches for sunrise and sunset views

Not only is Norfolk Island a great beach destination for families, but couples seeking some romance will find sunrises and sunsets that dreams are made of. Rise and shine early to watch the sunrise from Cemetery Beach in Kingston before exploring the rock pools. For a spectacular sunset take a seat on the cliffs above Anson Bay to watch the orange sun sink into the Pacific Ocean. It’s a sight few can forget.

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Family with their dog sitting on the shore with gentle waves breaking over rocks and the golden sand. Surfers in the water are visible in the distance.
View from the shore, with a basket, two hats and a towel sitting on a rock in the foreground. Two snorkellers emerge from the water in the background.
Three children sit on a surfboard in the calm water. In the background a group of people gather around outriggers on the shore.
Elevated view behind three women with snorkelling gear walking towards the reef. Waves break on the reef in the distance.
Elevated view from a cliff looking down through Norfolk pines onto a bay with golden sand lapped by gentle waves. Clear water at the shore gradually becomes turquoise further out.
Elevated view from the water of a family walking along the shore which has golden sand backed by Norfolk pines. Calm turquoise water laps the beach.
Aerial view taken from out at sea looking towards the cemetery with Kingston heritage site visible in the distance through Norfolk pines.
A woman sits at a picnic table set on the sand. Waves come into shore and a pine tree-covered cliff comes down to meet the sea.

Top tips for beaches on Norfolk Island

  • Visit between November and April for sunny skies and perfect beach weather.
  • Please don’t stand on the shallow coral reef. Not only is it sharp but it’s a living organism and can easily be damaged.
  • Be sure to ask at the Visitor Information Centre for tide times and weather forecasts before setting off to some of the more remote pools and coves.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen, shades, water bottle and hat when you’re outdoors. In the heart of the Pacific Ocean the sun can be unforgiving.

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