There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

You’ll never forget the first time you look up into Norfolk Island’s inky night skies. Void of all light pollution and hundreds of kilometres from the closest landmass, our star-splashed skies are simply jaw-dropping. It’s no wonder that we were awarded the rare and coveted status of Gold Level Dark Sky Town by the Australian Dark Sky Register in 2019. Whether you’re an astronomy expert or can’t tell one constellation from another, you’ll be blown away by some of the darkest and most star-filled skies on the planet.

Starry night view of old settlement, colonial cottages and small wooden boat in foreground. Norfolk pine trees in background.
Night sky filled with stars and light clouds on horizon. Silhouettes of pine trees and old brick structures in foreground.
Floodlit remains of old brick cottage on green hill silhouetted bottom right against night sky, stars and milky way.

Best places to stargaze on the island

With the great southern sky stretching endlessly above you, virtually anywhere on Norfolk Island is a good place for stargazing. Head up to Anson Bay cliffs in the north of the island for a truly wild evening. Sit back and watch shooting stars and twinkling planets as you listen to the crash of waves on the beach below. Make your way to remote spots such as Captain Cook Lookout or climb up Mount Pitt and Mount Bates, the highest points on the island, to feel completely surrounded by stars. Go down to the Kingston foreshore for unobstructed night views, or sit on Emily Bay’s famous pontoon and see the stars mirrored in the ocean. You’ll soon realise that Norfolk Island brings a whole new meaning to the phrase star-struck.


Top tips for stargazing on Norfolk Island

  • You can appreciate Norfolk Island’s breathtaking dark skies with the naked eye, but to get a deeper look at our galaxy and beyond bring along a strong pair of binoculars or, even better, your own telescope.
  • Many photographers come to Norfolk Island to take striking images of our dark skies. If you’re keen to capture the heavens, don’t forget to pack a camera with manual mode functionality, a wide-angle lens, a timer and tripod.

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Norfolk Island Star Gazing Tour

Norfolk Island Star Gazing Tour

Norfolk Island is a Gold Level Dark Sky zone, join a guided Astro tour of the incredible night skies.
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