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Captain James Cook was the first to officially discover Norfolk Island, describing it as “paradise” – a term he did not use liberally in his journals.  From 1788 to 1854, this paradise became a harsh penal colony and home to hapless convicts.  Today, it is home to the descendants of the Bounty Mutineers whose barefoot manners, warmth and hospitality have been woven into the island’s unique and timeless rhythm – a special charm that draws visitors back time and time again.

Norfolk Island offers excitement, fun, relaxation, adventure, indulgence, culture, history and surprise for everyone to experience and enjoy – come on over and visit us soon.

Yorlyi come look orn!

(Come and have a look)

360 degress of wonder
Map of Australia, New Zealand and Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Stories

The most common style of fishing at Norfolk Island would have to be deep sea fishing. This is the tried and tested method of driving out to a patch of reef, dropping down a heavy sinker and baited hooks and waiting (never very long!) for the fishes inquisitive hunger to lead them to their tasty demi...
Emily Bay may be the most popular beach on Norfolk (and for good reason - it's beautiful!) but did you know there's quite a few other places hidden around the island that are just as breathtaking? Maybe you've heard whispers of them or seen the photos and wondered. Well, here's a quick rundown ...
Norfolk Island is a quaint - almost quirky – forgotten corner of Australia. And that's a huge part of its appeal. I went back recently, after not having visited for over a decade. It was a sweet reminder of how naturally beautiful Norfolk is. Not a lot has changed and, in today's worl...