There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

Our proud, tight-knit Norf’k Ailen (Norfolk Island) community is anchored on traditions past and new, and we love nothing more than sharing these with visitors. For a unique experience, come on over for Foundation Day or Anniversary (Bounty) Day and stand side-by-side with us as we honour the events that shaped our island home. Or, time your visit with a sporting, or music festival and indulge your passions while enjoying all the day-to-day treasures our island offers.

Many people, most dressed in period costume, parade along a road as part of Anniversary Day celebrations.
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People dressed in period costume on Kingston Pier for Anniversary Day celebrations.
A close-up view of a crowd dressed in period costume for Norfolk Island Anniversary Day.
Families sitting on a grassy hill in the sunshine. Children with painted faces on a slide in the foreground.
A man dressed in period costume from colonial era. A black tricorn hat with gold braiding, black jacket with gold buttons and braiding and a white shirt with lace at the throat.
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Cultural events & festivals

For a small island, we certainly know how to celebrate. Whether you prefer to kick up your heels folk dancing or sway to the rhythm of jazz you’ll be amazed at our eclectic calendar of music festivals. If you’d prefer to get your tastebuds dancing, join us for the Food Lovers Guide to Norfolk Island guiding food lovers through the best of Norfolk Island’s local, seasonal fresh produce, meals and experiences. Coinciding with the week is Thanksgiving Day, a U.S. celebration we’ve been honouring since the days when American whaling ships stopped by.

Historical events & festivals

Our present is forever woven into our past and Foundation Day and Anniversary (Bounty) Day are cornerstone events for preserving our history. At the Kingston UNESCO World Heritage Site, re-enactments and parades, wreath-laying and, of course, plenty of food bring locals and visitors together.

Sporting events & festivals

From the annual Governor’s Cup held at the impressive Norfolk Island Golf Club, to pistol shooting competitions on the cliffs of Anson Bay, our sporting events are anything but run of the mill. The hottest date in our sporting calendar, however, is the Norfolk Ocean Challenge where crowds gather to watch traditional outrigger canoes traverse a challenging 26-kilometre course around the island.

Top tips for festivals & events on Norfolk Island

  • We’d love you to join our Norfolk Island festivals and events, but be sure to book flights and accommodation well in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Discover our top events and things to do on our events calendar.

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