There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

Where is Norfolk Island?

Norfolk Island is a subtropical island, 1,600 kilometre north-east of Sydney, 1,456 kilometres south-east of Brisbane, 1,100 kilometres north-west of Auckland and 772 kilometres south-east of Noumea. Norfolk Island is a volcanic outcrop 8 kilometres x 5 kilometres, and 3,455 hectares. Two smaller uninhabited islands, Nepean and Phillip, lie to the south at a distance of 1 kilometre and 6 kilometres respectively.

What airline flies there?

Qantas operate direct flights from Sydney and Brisbane. Travelling from Australia is considered domestic travel, however flights operate from the International terminals. Keep this in mind if you are making a flight connection from another Australian city. Allow enough time to transit between terminals (we recommend a minimum of two hours).

Air Chathams operates direct flights from Auckland International Airport.

Do I need a passport?

A valid passport is the preferred means of documentation; however, photographic identification such as a driver licence is acceptable for visitors from Australia. Visitors travelling from New Zealand require a passport as identification. The visa requirement for Norfolk Island are the same as for Australia. If you are arriving directly to NI and you are not an Australian Citizen you will require a visa. This also applies to cruise ship passengers.   Visa Information

 What is the weather like?

The climate is subtropical with temperatures in summer ranging from 19° to 28° and during winter 12° to 19°.

When is the best time to visit?

With a pleasant subtropical climate, lots to see and do and a great Calendar of Events, Norfolk Island is a year-round destination. The warmer months are from October through to April.

Are there swimming beaches and what is the average water temp?

The two main beaches are Emily Bay and Slaughter Bay, both protected by a reef and perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The water temp does not vary too much during the year, remaining around 19° to 22°.  You will need to bring your own snorkeling gear.

What clothing do I need to pack?

Clothing is comfortable and casual year round. We recommend warmer clothes for winter and the evenings.

What type of accommodation is there?

There are over 60 accommodation properties to choose from, including hotels, cottages, holiday houses and self-contained apartments.

Do I need a hire car?

With over 120 kilometres of road on the island, a hire car is highly recommended. Roaming livestock has the right of way, and all drivers acknowledge passing vehicles with ‘the Norfolk wave’. Visitors are encouraged to wave also!

Hire Equipment

The Visitor Information Centre has for hire snorkelling sets (includes fins) push-bikes and E push-bikes. Contact for further information. E-Mopeds are also available for hire (a motorbike license is required) To book. 

 Do I need travel insurance?

It is highly recommended that all passengers travelling to Norfolk Island from both Australia and New Zealand obtain adequate travel insurance for protection against amendment or cancellation costs/additional expenses, luggage loss, rental car insurance excess, travel delay, special events, loss of income, disability, accidental death and personal liability. Australian Medicare applies to Norfolk Island. Limited medical facilities are available on the island, with any serious illnesses or injuries requiring Medivac evacuation.

What should I pack in my carry-on and checked luggage?

All contents of your checked baggage need to be packed securely and appropriately. Do not pack valuables, essential medication, or important documents in your checked baggage. Occasionally, checked luggage can be misplaced in the baggage handling process and therefore may not arrive on the same flight as the passenger. We highly recommend that essential items are packed in carry-on luggage, making sure you abide by the airline regulations.

Can I take food into Norfolk Island? 

Visitors can bring commercially cooked and packaged, unopened grocery items, but all food items must comply to the strict Bio Security laws and must be declared on arrival. Vegetables, fruit, plants and seeds are prohibited imports to keep the island free of introduced disease. Pork and poultry from New Zealand is strictly prohibited. Please be assured our grocers, butchers, farmers, bakers, Chefs and Cooks are amazing, but occasionally grocery stocks maybe in short supply. For further information visit the Australian Biosecurity website or send them an email.

Can I bring wine and beer into Norfolk Island?

Yes you can purchase wine and beer at the Duty Free International airport shops, and carry onto the plane with you. Norfolk Island has a Liquor Bond store, however occasionally stocks may run low but this is usually only until the next cargo ship arrives. You can purchase from the Sirius Bar and Cellar at the Seaview hotel ,Two Chimney Winery, Norfolk Brewing at the Castaway Hotel, and Norfolk Island Liqueurs. 

Will my Australian mobile phone work on Norfolk Island?

Norfolk Island operates with a 3G/4G mobile network and has public WiFi access areas available around the island.  There is currently no global roaming agreements in place with Australian providers, therefore visitors will not be able to roam using their provider. Visitors can purchase a $30 Tourist Mobile plan from Customer Care at the Council building in the Bicentennial Complex Burnt Pine (opening hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm or P & R  Groceries on the weekend. Internet Hotspot vouchers are available for purchase for minimum 1 hour for $5, vouchers can be purchased from Customer Care, P & R Groceries and the Trading Post Newsagency.             Email for further details. The Public Library, Clubs and some eating out places provide free Wi-Fi.

Can I use my Drone?

Drones are a great way to capture beautiful photos and videos of Norfolk Island from above, however, Operators must keep in mind that there are certain rules that must be followed whilst operating a drone. Please contact the Airport Manager and for using a Drone in the National Parks and Botanical gardens contact the local Parks office. 

What is the language?

The main language is English, but you will often hear the islanders speaking the "Norf'k laengwij" a mix of Tahitian and Old English inherited from the Bounty Mutiny descendants. "Watawieh" hello, "Ai guud thaenks" I'm well thank you, "Wats yus niem" What is your name, "Thaenks f aklan" Thanks for us. Pick up a copy of Useful Phrases from the Visitor Information Centre. 

What is the population? 

In the 2021 census, there were 2,188 people in Norfolk Island.

What is the highest point?

Mount Bates at 319 metres then Mount Pitt at 318 metres. You can drive to the top of Mount Pitt for a 360° view of the whole island and walk the summit track to Mount Bates.

What is the currency?

Currency used is the Australian dollar. There is a Commonwealth Bank which has the only ATM. Major credit cards are accepted and cash can be withdrawn from Australia Post. 

Does Norfolk Island have Daylight Saving?

Yes, DST starts on the first Sunday in October and ends on the first Sunday of April.

Where is the Visitor Information Centre located?

In the Bicentennial Complex in the main shopping precinct of Burnt Pine. The VIC is open 7 days a week from 8.30am and the friendly staff are happy to assist with all your holiday enquiries and tour bookings. Drop in to gather information or shop for locally made souvenirs. 

Special Needs.

Please contact the friendly staff at the Visitor Information Centre for details on Disabled accommodation facilities and suitable tours and activities. 


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