There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

At just 35 square kilometres, our island is compact, making it a breeze for shutterbugs to explore. And despite our size, you’d be hard-pressed to find a destination which offers more scenic diversity per square metre. Norfolk Island’s maritime climate and waters offer ever-changing tones, from tropical to brooding. Our coastline morphs from pristine beaches to dramatic cliffs, while our interiors shift from rolling farmlands to deep forests. Then there’s our World Heritage buildings that range from the regal to the ruinous, our incredible bird life, impossibly dark skies and magical slices of island life. Wherever you point your lens on Norfolk Island your viewfinder will reveal 360° of Wonder.

Best places to shoot

Looking for incredible seascapes? Set up your tripod at Cemetery Bay at sunrise as the incoming tide crashes over dramatic rock formations and tide pools. Then at sunset head to Anson Bay, where algae-covered boulders make stunning foreground subjects. If you’re the kind of photographer who likes getting wet, pack your fins and mask. Our pristine waters offer incredible visibility, perfect for shooting Norfolk Island’s coral gardens and rich sea life.  

How about locations to hone your nature chops? Explore Hundred Acres, a reserve filled with towering pines and red-tailed tropicbirds. Or, go macro and discover the lush, hidden worlds in our Botanical Gardens. Looking for some history to expand your dramatic palate? You’ll discover endless moods in the historic architecture and cemetery at the Kingston UNESCO World Heritage Site. And let’s not forget our night skies! Norfolk Island is a Gold Level Dark Sky Town, so on a clear night point your camera to the heavens and capture the galaxies as you’ve never seen them before.

Three women stand on wooden boardwalk, lady on right taking photograph of Norfolk pines and other trees in background.
Woman in activewear taking photo from lookout point. Norfolk pine forest meeting ocean with bare rocky island in background.
Woman in straw hat taking photo of the sea from lookout point. Tree-lined cliffs meet small rocky islands in background.
Profile of man holding tripod and camera silhouetted against sunset. Mauve, orange sky with fluffy grey clouds meets ocean.
Woman in activewear stands on rocky outcrop, taking picture with telephoto lens. Blue sky and white clouds in background.
Woman in activewear taking photo of shrubs and grassy cliffs meeting deep blue ocean, sky and white clouds in background.
Downhill view of tourist in grey hoody taking photo of cliffs and the sea from bottom of stairs. Framed by tunnel of trees.

Top tips for photography on Norfolk Island

  • We have some amazing birdlife, but many of our feathered friends are shy and endangered. Bring a long lens so you can keep a safe distance from delicate nesting areas.
  • Drones are great way to capture photos and videos of Norfolk Island. Operators please keep in mind that there are certain rules to be followed. Be sure to contact our Visitor Information Centre for further information.
  • Norfolk Island’s dark skies are a magnet for photographers. If you’re keen to capture the heavens, pack a camera with manual mode functionality, a wide-angle lens, a timer and tripod.
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