There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

Drive or hike to Mount Pitt Lookout where you’re treated to 360° views and the horizon stretching away as far as the eye can see.

At 320 metres above sea level, this is the second-highest point on the island and sits within Norfolk Island National Park. In the foreground, it’s a sea of green grass and Norfolk Island pines reaching into the sky. In the distance, the green gives way to the blue of the South Pacific, from which the Phillip and Nepean islands emerge.

From the lookout, it’s a 500-metre walk to neighbouring Mount Bates, which stands just a metre taller than Mount Pitt. Bates may be the higher peak, but Mount Pitt Lookout has superior views.

Come to the lookout on a clear night to witness a little starry magic. We have almost no light pollution on Norfolk so our pitch-black skies make an ideal canvas for the twinkling constellations. It’s why we’re recognised as a Gold Level Dark Sky Town!

Long-shot of beautiful natural scenery with an island in the distance. Rural countryside filled with pine trees, greenery and open fields. Turquoise waters and blue skies.
Back-view of woman wearing a yellow hat and puffer jacket sitting on a brown bench as she admires the mountain scenery overlooking the ocean.
Lush greenery with a wide grassy track in the middle. Bright and sunny afternoon.
A young couple going on a nature walk that consists of a few flight of stairs. Ocean scenery peeks through the greenery.
Wide view of Norfolk tree ferns. Cloudy blue skies.
View of blue ocean through green Norfolk pine trees in the foreground.

Visitor Information

Operating Hours: 24/7

Cost: Free

Getting Here: A 5-minute drive north of Burnt Pine via Grassy Road and Mount Pitt Road.

Top Tips for Mount Pitt Lookout

  • Pack a picnic: this lookout promises memorable backdrops for a feast in the fresh air.
  • Plane spotters may want to time their visit to coincide with an arriving or departing flight. From the lookout, you’ll have uninterrupted views of the runway at Norfolk Island Airport.
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