There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

From this lookout you’ll be treated to sweeping vistas of Kingston, our stunning golf course and the coast. The view showcases Norfolk Island’s natural assets, with green hills covered in pine trees in the foreground and the bluer-than-blue ocean stretching out into the great beyond. Emerging out of the water in the distance are two chunks of land: Phillip Island and Nepean Island.

Queen Elizabeth Lookout also offers a bird’s-eye view of the elegant Georgian buildings on Quality Row where, during the island’s 19th-century penal colony, a lucky few lived. A stone’s throw away, the unlucky prisoners were packed into cramped gaols.

After soaking up the scenery, drive back down toward the shore to explore the convict ruins of the Kingston UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wide, elevated view of dense Norfolk pine forest and lush grassy area dotted with pine trees. Turquoise ocean and two islands in background.
Side view of woman standing next to three lookout signs taking a photo of the ocean and islands. Lush grassy area and dense Norfolk pine forest at base of lookout.
Elevated view of a lush grassy area dotted with Norfolk pines. Ocean background. Building ruins and two intact buildings in the foreground as well as a road, cars and cows.
Wide view of a lush grassy area dotted with pine trees and dense Norfolk pine tree forest. Turquoise ocean and two islands in the background.
Woman crouching in front of three lookout signs patting a dog. Norfolk pines, turquiose ocean and island in background.

Visitor Information

Operating Hours: 24/7

Cost: Free

Getting Here: A 5-10 minute drive from Burnt Pine to Quality Row, then a short drive up Rooty Hill Road to the lookout.

Top Tips for Queen Elizabeth Lookout

  • Bring your camera, Queen Elizabeth Lookout promises breathtaking backdrops for photos – no filter needed.
  • The lookout is a good place to get oriented before exploring the wider Kingston area.
  • It’s a steep road up to the lookout so we advise you to go by car.
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