There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

Depending on how wet it’s been, Cockpit Waterfall either trickles or tumbles down into a creek on Norfolk Island’s north coast.

From the car park, follow the boardwalk trail out to a lookout. After periods of heavy rain, the waterfall is two-tiered, first dropping into Cascade Creek before plunging over the cliffs into Cascade Bay.

The vista from the lookout is the main attraction but even when the waterfall is running dry, there is plenty of natural beauty here with rust-coloured coastal cliffs and grassy hills dotted with Norfolk Island pines.

As for company? Don’t expect any. This is one of the quieter corners of our island. You’re more likely to cross paths with cows and chickens than people.

View looking up at water cascading down a rocky cliff partially covered with green foliage. Wooden boardwalk, Norfolk pine and sky above cliff.
View looking down at water falling into a murky pool at the base of a rocky cliff.  Cliff top and rocks partially covered with healthy green foliage.
Water cascading down a rockface partially covered with healthy green foliage.
View looking up at water cascading down rocky cliff face. Green foliage to the right and blue sky above.

Visitor Information

Operating Hours: 24/7

Cost: Free

Getting Here: Near Cascade Bay on the island’s north coast. Access via Prince Phillip Drive. A 5-minute drive from Burnt Pine.

Top Tips for Cockpit Waterfall

  • The flow of Cockpit Waterfall fluctuates so it’s best to go in winter or after bouts of heavy rain; ask us and we’ll tell you whether you can expect the waterfall to be slow or fast flowing based on recent conditions.
  • Birders can spy seabirds nesting near the cliffs at Cockpit.
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