There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

With high cliffs, wild seas and a salty tang in the air, Cascade Bay is a coastal paradise. Like much of Norfolk Island, it’s steeped in stories. For many years, Cascade Bay was the site of a whaling station. The island was introduced to the lucrative whaling trade by visiting Americans, who also brought Thanksgiving here – a holiday we still celebrate to this day.

Cascade Pier is one of only two piers on the island, the other being in Kingston. When supply ships come in, it’s all action. Watch as vital cargo is unloaded by tender and hoisted up by crane.

The fishing boats that dock here showcase Norfolk’s locavore credentials. Watch as they unload the day’s catch, bound for kitchens all across the island.

Side-on panorama of cliff face of ochre, rust and dark grey coloured rocks. Clifftop covered in Norfolk pines, which also dot the cliff face.
Side-on view of waves breaking against the base of a cliff part of which has organ-pipe rock formation. Grey, pink, rust and cream coloured rocks.
Close-up of cascade spraying down a cliff at the base of which are rocks rounded smooth by wave action.
Side-on panorama of waves just about to break against the base of a cliff where there are many rocks and some Norfolk pines.
Close-up of a wave captured at the point of breaking with sunlight shining through making the water a brilliant turquoise colour.
A small, gently breaking wave moves towards the shore of rocks rounded smooth by weathering. The turquoise-colour of the water contrasts against the browns of the rocks.
Detail of cliff face showing the organ-pipe formation of the rocks, which are a mix of ochre, grey and yellow shades. Rounded rocks at the cliff base.
Close-up of part of the cascade spraying down over a rough-textured, ochre-coloured rock. Different types of rocks in the background.

Visitor information

Operating Hours: 24/7

Cost: Free

Getting Here: A 5-minute drive from Burnt Pine on the island’s north coast.

Top Tips for Cascade Bay

  • Ask around to find out when a ship is coming in; this is when Cascade Pier is at its most active.
  • Nature reigns supreme here and there’s not much in the way of facilities, so pack a picnic or plan a lunch stop back in Burnt Pine.
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