There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

Located on the west coast of Norfolk Island near Anson Bay, Puppy’s Point is known for its spectacular sunsets, with people gathering here for picnics at dusk. As the sun drops beneath the ocean horizon, the sky cycles through a palette of fiery oranges, gold, purple and magenta, slowly easing into twilight. In the foreground are Norfolk pines and grazing cows.

Pack your own paddock-to-plate picnic and find yourself a bench or patch of grass from which to watch nature’s end-of-day spectacle.

The reason behind the name Puppy’s Point won’t be immediately clear from the picnic area. If you find yourself on a boat looking back to the cliffs, however, you’ll be able to see a rock formation that resembles a dog.

A grassy area with large pine trees overlooking the ocean. In the background the sun is setting over the horizon.
An elevated view of waves rolling towards the base of a cliff as the sun sets over the ocean. Tall norfolk pine trees can be seen growing on the left, as well as in the distance on the top of a cliff.
View of a path disappearing into a forest of norfolk pine trees.
A couple enjoying a picnic on a clifftop overlooking expansive ocean views.
View of a path disappearing into a forest of norfolk pine trees.
Silhouette's of Norfolk Pine trees at dusk. The sky is purple.
A couple enjoying a picnic with their baby on green grass underneath norfolk pine trees.
A detailed shot of fresh picnic food with ocean and cliffside in the background.

Visitor information

Operating Hours: 24/7

Cost: Free

Getting Here: A 5-minute drive west of Burnt Pine.

Top Tips for Puppy's Point

  • Wait until twilight and you might spot mutton birds coming back to roost for the night.
  • There is no artificial lighting in the nature reserve. If you’re going to stay until it’s dark, bring a torch to help you navigate back to your car.
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