There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

This 14-hectare reserve on Norfolk Island’s east coast doesn’t get a lot of footfall, and that’s what makes it special.

Forested hills slope down to the coastline, where towering cliffs plummet into the ocean surf. With picnic tables and barbecues, it’s a prime spot for an alfresco feast. Get fresh fish from the back of a boat at Kingston Pier and just-plucked produce from the island’s roadside food stalls.

From the picnic area at the reserve, a walking track leads down to the coastal cliffs where there are sweeping sea views. If you want more nature walks, head to neighbouring Ball Bay Reserve for a stroll along the rocky beach.

Sweeping view of a forested hill sloping down to the calm ocean.
Grass-covered picnic area dotted with Norfolk pines that looks out onto the ocean.
Side-on view of a grass-covered picnic area surrounded by lush greenery and Norfolk pine trees.
Elevated view from the cliffs edge looking down on the rocky coastline. Norfolk pines stand tall in the foreground.
Elevated view from the cliffs edge looking down at the ocean. Turquoise water gently laps at the rocky coastline. Norfolk pines are scattered on the cliffs edge.
Side-on view of a wooden bench on a grass-covered cliffs edge. In the background the forested hill slopes down towards the coastline.
Close-up of a Norfolk pine tree trunk. The grassy hill in the background slopes down to the coastline.
View of Two Chimneys Reserve cliffside with blue ocean in the background.

Visitor information

Operating Hours: 24/7

Cost: Free

Getting Here: A 10-minute drive from Burnt Pine. Access is via Two Chimneys Road.

Top Tips for Two Chimneys Reserve

  • If you don’t fancy bringing your own lunch, book into nearby Two Chimneys Wines for lunch platters and wine.
  • Early riser? Get your day off to a memorable start by coming to Two Chimneys Reserve for sunrise. Trust us, it’s worth the untimely wake-up.
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