There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a tropical, maritime environment where you’ll find high cliffs, picturesque bays, glass-clear waters and towering pine forests. It's clean, green and pristine, and we work hard to keep it that way, which is why much of our precious island is protected as a reserve or national park. From the bird-filled Norfolk Island National Park to our magnificent beach reserves, you’re spoilt for choice and diversity when it comes to the great outdoors.

Sunset creating pastel coloured sky over empty ocean scene with towering Norfolk Pine Trees in the foreground
Man walking on a timber boardwalk through green canopy with speckled sunlight.
A small figure standing on grassy cliffs overlooking vast blue ocean
Three people walking down a dirt path with pinetrees leading down to water
Shot looking up the trunk of a Norfolk Island Pine tree with blue skies showing beyond the canopy
Timber boardwalk among green tropical forest.
Close up of mushrooms and fungi growing out of a moist fallen tree trunk
Information sign along a timber fence with tropical trees and pines beyond.
High vantage on rocky cliffs covered in green shrubs and grass overlooking vast open blue ocean
Woman sitting on a timber bench seat on set upon green hills which slope into cliffs to blue ocean
Bird watchers standing upon a timber boardwalk looking into a canopy of Norfolk Pine trees
Sunset creating pastel coloured sky over empty ocean scene with towering Norfolk Pine Trees in the foreground

Beach reserves

Visitors of the ‘human’ variety aren’t the only ones who fly to Norfolk Island for some tranquillity and natural beauty. Birds flock to our seaside cliffs to breed, conquering journeys of hundreds of kilometres a day – a much bigger challenge than the two-hour flight from mainland Australia! Keep a look out for white terns and wedge-tailed shearwaters in Two Chimneys Reserve or meet our underwater wildlife as you explore the rock pools of Bumboras Reserve.


Best picnic spots on Norfolk Island

A picnic is the perfect way to feel at one with nature. We highly recommend stocking up on our locally produced, artisanal delicacies and getting out into the reserves and national park of Norfolk Island. In the far north of the island you’ll find Anson Bay nestled into the base of cliffs at the end of a winding walking track. The sunsets from here are legendary. For a less strenuous picnic, set up at one of the tables at the viewing platform of the Botanical Gardens.


Nearby islands

We don’t call Phillip Island – located six kilometres south of Norfolk Island – the ‘Uluru of the Pacific’ for nothing. When the light is just right, this oasis for seabirds shimmers in hues of reds, purples and yellows. Adventures abound here. Take a guided tour and clamber over the rocks, taking care not to disturb our feathered friends. Don’t forget to bring a camera, the views back to Norfolk and nearby Nepean Island are alone worth the trip.


Top tips for the reserves & national parks

  • Not all of our beaches and coves are suitable for swimming, so be sure to check both tide times and weather predictions before setting off to remote spots. If in doubt, chat with our friendly team in the Visitor Information Centre in Burnt Pine.
  • Because of strict biosecurity regulations protecting our environment, you are not allowed to bring any fresh produce onto the island. It means just about everything you eat here was grown locally! Why not grab some local goodies from a roadside stall for your picnic?

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