There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

Snorkelling and diving around Norfolk Island are experiences you won’t forget in a hurry. Our waters are glass-clear, the coral reefs pristine and the marine life endearingly friendly! Don a mask and snorkel and simply float out from the beach, or scuba dive one of the nearby dive sites (no long boat trips to far-off reefs here). The island is part of the gargantuan Norfolk Marine Park and is the only Australian Marine Park you can get to by stepping off the beach.

Close-up underwater view of a woman snorkelling . She is in an upright position and wearing a black bikini and bright green flippers. There is coral beneath her.
Three women are walking into the shallow turquoise sea holding masks, snorkels and flippers. There is a rocky cliff to the right and waves in the distance.
Wide view of the sea with waves in the background. In the foreground, three women are snorkelling.
Underwater birds-eye view of coral beneath the sea.
Close-up shot of the lower half of a woman holding a mask, snorkel and bright green flippers. She is standing in the shallows wearing black bikini bottoms.
Wide view of turquoise waters in the foreground and Norfolk pines lining the shoreline in the background. Sandy shoreline to the left, rocky shoreline to the right.
Underwater view of two women snorkelling. They are wearing bikinis, masks and snorkels and facing each other. There is coral below.
Aerial view of a sandy bay inlet with turquoise water and the deep blue ocean. Grass and Norfolk pines in the area between the bay inlet and ocean.
A woman in a bikini walking on the sand into the shallow sea. She is holding a snorkel, mask and flippers. An island in the distance and Norfolk pines to the left.

Best places to snorkel

To enjoy snorkelling in Norfolk Island, it’s as easy as pulling on your mask and snorkel and kicking off from the pristine sands of Emily Bay Lagoon, where shallow, turquoise waters are protected by a thriving coral reef. It’s our top destination for easy, safe and jaw-dropping snorkelling – perfect for introducing the whole family to the underwater world of the South Pacific. Neighbouring Slaughter Bay, despite its less-than-appealing name, is equally magnificent. And when you’ve explored the waters off Kingston, set off on a snorkelling adventure at Bumboras or hire a guide and discover secret spots like The Chord and Crystal Pool.


Norfolk Island scuba diving

Our fabulous dive sites have flown under the radar for many years, but the secret is finally out: Norfolk Island is one of the South Pacific’s top diving destinations. Dive year round in the crystal-clear waters, choosing from dozens of dive sites ranging from dreamy shallow coral outcrops filled with dancing schools of fish or the Jurassic drop-offs of nearby Phillip Island. Our waters are home to more than 60 species of marine life plus a kaleidoscope of corals and anemones to explore.


Top tips for snorkelling & diving on Norfolk Island

  • Snorkelling and diving are possible year round on Norfolk Island, with mid-winter water temperatures rarely dropping below a pleasant 18°. 
  • Even though our dive sites are world class, our dive scene is more casual than you’ll find at bigger destinations. If you’re keen to experience the wonders of our underwater world, contact our Visitor Information Centre before you head over and we’ll help make it happen.

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