There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

Anglers on Norfolk Island follow the 10 Second Rule; if the fish don’t bite within 10 seconds, move the boat on. It is testament to our healthy, teeming waters, which make our island one of the richest temperate-water fishing destinations on the planet. A vast marine park restricts commercial fishing; we fish for our residents and our visitors in sustainable ways, just as our ancestors did. Whether you prefer land-based angling or deep-water game fishing, you won’t be waiting long before you’re hauling in the catch of a lifetime.

Where to fish on Norfolk Island

Cast your line virtually anywhere around Norfolk Island and you’ll be rewarded with a bounty of plump, healthy fish. The bluewater lure fishing here is the stuff of legend. Local guides who live and breathe these waters can escort you on half-day charters into the heart of the South Pacific Ocean. On the days when the seas are choppy, our land-based game angling is second to none. Cast off from the Kingston or Cascade piers, or beaches such as Bumboras Reserve and you’ll soon be reeling in your dinner, and then some!

Norfolk Island fish species

Yellowfin tuna and big kingfish are the golden prizes when it comes to deep-water game, with wahoo and marlin also thriving in our waters. Use some palu’, the Norfolk word for burley or bait, and lure the big catches into shore. You’ll soon be plucking trumpeter, bonito, skipjack and mackerel out in their dozens.

Close-up of a man holding a large fish. The man is wearing a cap and blue mirrored sunglasses. He is smiling.
Close-up of two fishing rod handles and two reels with orange detail.
Close-up of man fishing in the deep blue ocean. He is wearing a grey and black striped t-shirt and has a tattoo on his arm.
Close-up of a man in blue-mirrored sunglasses holding a large white and orange fish. The man is smiling.
Close-up shot of the motor and two fishing rods at the back of a navy blue boat. White frothy water in the background.
Back view of man in orange high-visibility jacket fishing off a pier. The sea in the background is turquoise and a little choppy.
Close-up of two fishing rod reels, poles and handles. Sunlight reflects on the sea behind.

Top tips for fishing on Norfolk Island

  • At the end of the day, sit back with a glass of local wine or a cold beer and let our expert chefs fillet your catch, then barbecue, smoke or fry it island style for an unforgettable dinner.
  • As with all outdoor activities, please be safe when fishing on Norfolk Island. Fishing off the rocks can be dangerous, so get in touch with a guide to show you around.

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