There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a surfer’s dream, where crystal-clear waves curl over our offshore reef creating some of the best, and most uncrowded, breaks in all the South Pacific. Our waters are balmy, the scenery simply staggering and the waves raw and impressive. This isn’t a strut-your-stuff surfing destination. Surfing on our island is all about camaraderie, mellow vibes and sharing a passion for the ocean. Forget about agro and secret spots, our friendly local surfers will be happy to show you the best breaks and barrels.

Back view of young couple standing on the sand staring out to sea. Man standing next to light blue surfboard. Woman wears blue jeans and a bikini top. Rocks at water's edge.
Close-up of man standing on the sand waxing a surfboard. He is wearing black sunglasses and shorts. Some rocks and the sea in the background.
Close-up of underside of two surfboards lying on the sand. Board on the left is light blue with yellow and black fins. Board on the right is brown with a tropical-print fin.
Side-on view of big wave as it's crashing. The water is a turquoise colour and there is a rock formation at the bottom left.
Wide view of blue sea and white froth of crashing waves. A person in a black wetsuit is riding a wave.
Side-on view inside the barrel or curve of a wave. There are rocks in the foreground and the water is turquoise.
Man in a full-length black wetsuit riding an ocean wave. He is on a yellow surfboard.
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Wide view of the green ocean. To the right is a side view of a man bodysurfing.
Back view of young couple walking along a grassy track carrying surfboards under their arms. To the right is a sign with an arrow and the words Walkway to Beach.

Best surf breaks off Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is one of the world’s most remote and unspoiled surfing destinations with an incredible quality and variety of waves. There are gentle waves perfect for beginners to easily paddle out to, and challenging breaks which lure the masters, all set to a backdrop of giant pine trees and towering cliffs. Slaughter Bay and Cemetery Beach in the Kingston UNESCO World Heritage Site have consistent reef breaks offering up beautiful barrels, while a walk down a winding track will lead to the magnificent Anson Bay and its beach break.


Surf board hire

There’s no board or wetsuit hire on Norfolk Island, but thankfully it’s easy to bring your own gear over; just let your airline know before you fly. If you don’t bring your own gear but find you can’t resist the lure of our perfect barrels, the friendly folk at the Visitor Information Centre in the main town of Burnt Pine can sometimes hook you up with a loaner board.


Top tips for surfing off Norfolk Island

  • If you plan on surfing the big waves and reef bombies on some of the more remote bays, we recommend going with a local surf guide who knows the waters like the back of their hand.
  • No need to worry about locking up your gear at night. If you leave your board and wettie on the beach, it’ll still be there the next morning, unless the tide gets them. 
  • When the swell isn’t up, try your hand at one of Norfolk Island’s many other outdoor activities such as fishing or hiking.

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