There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

If Norfolk Island isn’t on your bucket list of great walking and hiking destinations, it should be. What our trails lack in length they more than make up for in beauty, diversity and history. From the hiking trails of the Norfolk Island National Park to the walking tours around the Kingston UNESCO World Heritage Site, every step on our island is paved with breathtaking scenery and incredible stories.

Good time for walking & hiking on Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is the perfect year-round hiking destination. After working up a sweat on the walks and trails, just head down to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and cool off in crystal-clear waters. Being a maritime climate, our weather can be changeable so it’s always good to pack an extra layer. But you’ll usually find a hat, swimmers, sunscreen and water bottle are of far more use!

Best nature trails

Norfolk Island National Park offers 10 well-marked walking tracks, with lengths and grades to suit every ability. You can take a rainforest hike beneath the world’s tallest tree ferns, follow coastal tracks alive with the ever-changing songs of the sea and climb summits to see the horizon in all its 360° glory. The Botanical Gardens’ easy trails, boardwalks and circuits are the perfect way for nature lovers to learn about Norfolk Island’s unique flora, while enjoying more of the island’s best views. All walks are self-guided, but if you’d like to learn more, why not sign up for a breakfast bushwalk or bird-watching tour? Speaking of tours, if you’d like a hike that’s truly on the wild side, book a half-day expedition to nearby Phillip Island, a marine and seabird sanctuary that offers amazing views back to Norfolk.

Back view of three young people walking down a track through Norfolk pines. There are glimpses of the blue sea through the tree trunks.
Back view of a man walking along a boardwalk through a lush forest. He is wearing a green shirt, shorts and straw hat. A woman wearing khaki is in front of him.
Ground-level view of track winding through dense Norfolk pine forest.
Back view of a woman walking along rocks covered in algae at the base of a cliff. The woman is carrying a black backpack. There is a rock pool in front of her.
Back view of a man with a hat and backpack standing on a large rock looking out to sea. An undulating red-rock cliff with green foliage lies between the man and the sea.
Wooden wide-stepped staircase with rail heading up through lush foliage. The sea can be glimpsed through the bushes to the left.
Back view of four women wearing activewear standing on a wooden lookout staring out to sea. Lush grass, Norfolk pines and the shoreline are in front of them.
A person in a grey hooded jacket and jeans taking a photograph of the ocean. The person is standing on wooden stairs in a forest hillside setting.
Close-up of grey and pink Salomon hiking shoe on grass.
Back view close-up shot of woman in a checked shirt staring out to sea. There is grass and a rocky cliff face to the left.
Close-up view of happy young couple strolling along a boardwalk. They are in a forest and the man has his arm around the woman.
Back view of woman wearing shorts and long-sleeve top walking on dirt track through lush forest.

Top tips for walking & hiking on Norfolk Island

  • Bring sturdy shoes. Some trails may be uneven and can get slippery after rain.
  • The scenery can be mesmerising, but do watch your step, especially around coastal paths and cliffs.
  • Please stay on the tracks to avoid damaging plants and causing erosion.
  • As cute as they are, please resist the urge to feed the wildlife, it undermines our efforts to control introduced birds and rodents.

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