There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

Looking for a place to reboot the mind, body and soul? Come to Norfolk Island, a complete wellness retreat in the South Pacific.

Imagine a life lived by the tides, where you eat with the seasons, sleep beneath a billion stars and are caressed by the ever-present balm of the sea air. Imagine no more. Less than a three-hour flight from Brisbane, Sydney or Auckland, even the journey to Norfolk Island is stress-free. And once you step off the plane you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back into a gentler, less complicated time. Things move a little slower on Norfolk; cows meander down the lanes, drivers wave and everyone has time to stop and chat.

So what’s the secret formula to Norfolk’s serenity? Could it be the endless rhythms of the South Pacific that soothe the senses? Or our stunning national parks where some of nature’s rarest birdlife sing songs of gratitude for our island sanctuary? Perhaps it’s our pristine waters and soils, from which we harvest foods that bring even the most jaded tastebuds back to life. And if our natural gifts aren’t quite enough to get you loosened up, our resident yoga teachers, masseuses and holistic wizzes are all waiting to help you get your zen on.

So next holiday, come on over and reward yourself with some island-style self-care. Isn’t it time you reconnected with the seasons, the stars and most importantly, yourself?

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