There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

From the epic migrations of Polynesian seafarers, to the dark chapters of our convict past, from ghostly tales to new beginnings, story awaits around every bend on Norfolk Island.

Wherever you travel you’ll find stories, but we challenge you to find a place with more legends, tall tales and ripping yarns per square metre than Norfolk Island. Polynesian seafarers shared their songs and stories here centuries before Captain Cook first sighted our pines through his spyglass. Then, shortly after the First Fleet dropped anchor in Sydney Harbour, Norfolk’s first European chapters were written in convict blood, sweat and tears. Norfolk’s sweeping narrative took on a more hopeful tone when the descendants and families of the HMS Bounty mutineers arrived from Pitcairn Island, shaping the European and Tahitian character and culture you’ll find on Norfolk today. Then came the whalers, the World War II airmen and, eventually, visitors just like you.

With so many voices from so many parts of the world, it’s little wonder that Norfolk Islanders are some of the world’s great storytellers. Every ruin, every laneway, every gravestone has a story to tell. Even the waves and winds seem to carry the spirit of adventure from all four corners of the globe, which is why the best-selling novelist Colleen McCullough settled and wrote some of her greatest works here.

So whether you’re ready for a deep dive into our incredible history or looking for a little inspiration for your own story, come on over to Norfolk where each new day is a fresh page waiting just for you.

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