There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

From our restaurants to our farmers market, from our island beef to our artisanal goat cheeses, the incredible freshness and seasonal flavours of our food will awaken all your foodie senses.

Forget about food miles... on Norfolk we work in food metres! Pile your plate with food caught, collected and harvested from our pristine waters, tide pools and paddocks each day. And, if you like to eat organic, well, that’s pretty much the only way we islanders know. Our volcanic soils are rich, deep and free of all the chemical nasties the rest of the world is finally waking up to.

In the 21st century it can be hard staying connected to the food cycle, but on Norfolk you can jump right in. Sign up for a morning of charter fishing and that night enjoy your catch smoked or barbecued the island way. On a tour of Hilli Goat farm, be entertained by the goats as they make their way for milking then tuck into your communal lunch that includes veggies from the farm. And, wherever you roam on Norfolk, you’ll meet our famous Norfolk Blue cattle looking about as stress-free as any animal can be.

Whether it’s our tomatoes or our seafood, the intense flavours and freshness of Norfolk Island food regularly brings tears of joy to many a jaded foodie, and it will have you wondering why the world can’t eat this well every day.

To learn more about our mouth-watering options, check out the Eating and Drinking page.

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