There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

There’s no escaping the past on Norfolk Island. Our entire island hums with four layers of rich history

“Dieh es awwas kamfrom”. This is our heritage. 

Day 1 - History 

Morning - Join a half-day guided island tour and discover our unique history and culture. Or pick up a visitor map and take a self-guided tour through the fascinating Kingston UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Afternoon - Drop anchor at Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama, a 360° mural painting that follows the incredible journey of the HMV Bounty mutineers, and their descendants and families, from England, Tahiti, Pitcairn to Norfolk Island. Created by local artists, this is a must-see.

Evening - Witness the testimonies of 15 extraordinary characters at the weekly Trial of the 15 play. Boo the villains and cheer on the heroes in this fun-filled and educational courtroom drama!

Wrecked boats on grass with ocean crashing behind in Kingston UNESCO World Heritage Site


Day 2 - Cultural experiences

Morning - Take a deep dive into Norfolk Island’s past in Kingston’s museums. The Museums Pass is excellent value for money, giving you unlimited access to all four Kingston museums and the Research Centre. The pass includes two guided tours.

Afternoon - Learn more about our unique way of life on the Music Valley Experience. Norfolk Islander Jane Evans will show you around her island home and gardens. You will hear the Norfolk language and learn about our way of life. 

Evening - Listen to poems recited in the Norfolk language at the Wonderland by Night show. Fairy lights and dioramas transform a magical rainforest setting, making for an enchanting evening.

 Exhibition piece within the Sirius Museum Protestant Chapel Norfolk Island Museums


Day 3 - Reflect on Norfolk's past

Morning - The Norfolk Island Cemetery is not to be missed. The headstones tell the tales of those who did not survive the harsh convict settlements. Learn about the Islander's active service at the R.S.L Military Museum, self-guide or book a guided tour to include a 2- course dinner.

Afternoon - Spend a moment of quiet reflection in the historical St. Barnabas Chapel, which was built around 1880. The glorious rose stained-glass window is just one of the chapel's beautiful attributes.

Evening - On Norfolk, culture and food go hand in hand! Don’t miss the popular sunset island fish fry, serving delicious fish, tasty salads and traditional island desserts. You will be entertained by the island dancers. 

Interior of St Barnabas Chapel on Norfolk Island with stained glass windows and wooden pews.


Stay for 7-days

There is so much history and culture to explore on Norfolk Island, so why not stay longer? 

Join in the annual celebrations of Anniversary (Bounty) Day and Foundation Day. Step back in time at the Pitcairn Settlers Village, or hear stories of the Pitcairn Islanders during the 1856 Untold Story tour. Learn about your own convict ancestry at the Research Centre in Kingston. The Bounty Folk museum has a treasure trove of historical collections.


Inspiration for your Itinerary 

Norfolk Island offers 360° of Wonder, so be sure to mix and match our other itinerary ideas to get the most from your holiday in paradise.

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