There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

We've all heard the many wellness holiday slogans: disconnect to reconnect, time to treat yourself, life is all about balance, relax, revive, renew etc!  Norfolk Island combines of all these in its own natural way by offering a stress free holiday, you so deserve.

This beautiful paradise island is literally at your doorstep, less than 3 hours flying time from Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland. With so much space and freedom, the whole island is your very own holiday haven.

On arrival switch your body to island time, take a deep breath of the fresh clean air, drive a little slower as you wave to passing drivers and before you know it, with little effort you are on your way to feeling relaxed.

Mother Nature is all around you offering peaceful solitude and calmness. Unwind and connect with nature as you stroll along the National Parks walking tracks. The cheeky fantails will keep you company as they flutter about looking for insects from the dirt you have stirred up.

There is nothing better than a swim in salt water to free your mind of everyday clutter, and Emily Bay lagoon will do this for you every time.

Feel like expelling some of that pent- up energy? Strap on a helmet and bike ride around the island but be prepared for a few challenging hills.

If you prefer the ocean spray on your face and a good upper body workout, join a guided sea kayaking tour or reel in a fish with a local fishing guide. Both will definitely bring a smile to your face.

It's now time to stop for a second or perhaps a couple of hours and treat your body to some tender loving care. Unwind with a pamper treatment, a hot rock massage, or a rejuvenating facial. You'll be so relaxed you will float out the door!

A healthy body needs healthy food, and Norfolk Island does not disappoint. The clubs, restaurants and cafes serve up fresh, homegrown, in season, delicious meals. Or gather up local produce, meat or fish and cook at your own leisure indoors. It will taste even better with a glass of crisp white wine.

Free your mind and body at a yoga class or pick a tranquil spot for meditation, sit on a clifftop and witness stunning sunsets and sunrises or find a secluded beach and just spend the time. Exercise your mind with stories about the island's unique history and culture it is all around you. 

The longer you stay on this little island the bigger it will feel, but everything is just around the corner and you get to decide the pace of your day.

Next time you need to take a break from your busy life, there's no need to travel overseas to an exclusive retreat when Norfolk Island is right here. 

We can assure you that you will leave feeling relaxed, revived, renewed ... just like the advertising slogans said.

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