There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island
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A Holiday Haven in Uncertain Times

I've got to come clean before I go any further. A few weeks ago I knew almost nothing about Norfolk Island. I was aware it was out in the ocean 'somewhere' east of Austra
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How to spend 60 hours on Norfolk Island

You only have a couple of days spare… and you want to take a break. Well, Norfolk Island is the perfect place to do it! But how should you spend 60 hours on Norfolk Islan
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Plan Your Holiday Around a Festival

A visitor here for the annual Food Festival was asked "what was the reason you chose to visit Norfolk Island?" Their answer was "For a long time I had wanted
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Hunt and Gather the Island way.

As I drive along Mission Road on Norfolk Island I am spoilt for choice of eggs, feijoas, limes, pesto or chutney, straight from the farm, located in the hone
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