Your Norfolk experience starts here...

Visitors to Norfolk Island soon realise that the island buzzes with a living breathing culture and history. 
Archaeological evidence from Emily Bay indicates that the area was a Polynesian settlement between c.1150CE and c.1450CE.

The First Colonial Settlement was established as an agricultural penal settlement between 1788 - 1814, using convict labour to ensure occupation for the British.

The Second Penal Settlement was a place of secondary punishment for convicts who reoffended and those convicted of crimes in the colony of New South Wales or other British colonies. This settlement was between 1825 - 1855.

The Third Settlement was the arrival of the Pitcairn Islanders in 1856 - to the present day. They created a community in a new place, and the historic site is integral to the lives of all Norfolk Islanders. 

Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area is one of 11 historic sites that form the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property.


"Dieh es awwas kamfrom" - This is our heritage.