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Eat & Drink

In more recent times, Norfolk Island is becoming a food-lover's destination: think fresh fish, succulent beef and pork and add in boutique products including coffee, honey and local cheese then think of Norfolk Island where you can enjoy the real paddock to plate experience. When it comes to culinary matters, Norfolk Islanders bring forth generations of passion and resourcefulness & their food reflects an eclectic blend of cultures and a love of sharing nature’s bounty.

Produce is grown organically in season (only garlic, onion, potatoes & ginger are imported) picked and delivered to restaurants and cafes on the same day.

There are about 25 eateries (restaurants, cafes, clubs and take-away outlets) where chefs create dishes bursting with flavour and taste how food should taste.

Visitors can experience Progressive dinners to local's homes & sunset island fish fries where you will enjoy fresh fish, served with island traditional salads and sweet dessert pies.

A mix of tasty food and stunning locations are served up at the annual Taste Norfolk Island food festival, held every November to include Thanksgiving Day celebrations.


table of food