There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

​ Now is a wonderful time to reflect what is important to us and why. With this extra time, you can truly connect with family and friends via many different communication lines.

You can also remember the wonderful holidays you have had, and why some more than others capture that special moment in time. The best holiday memories may not be because of all the usual creature comforts you are used to on your vacations but in fact quite the opposite… what a destination doesn't have.

How can the absence of something make more of an impact? Let Norfolk Island show you how it tops the list!

Doesn't have an active case of Covid-19

As the Covid-19 outbreak threatens to disrupt most people's lives, we are fortunate here on Norfolk Island to have no active cases of Covid-19. The residents are doing everything they can to protect the pristine environment.

Let's talk more about what Norfolk Island doesn't have!

Doesn't have Fast Food Outlets

We don't have McDonalds or similar fast food outlets and instead have amazing local seasonally grown fresh fruit/vegetables and locally raised meat, and it comes straight from the farm to your plate. You can relax and dine out or you can do it yourself with that amazing recipe that you have been longing to try but never had the time. 

Doesn't have Snakes

Exercise is a must to keep a positive mindset, so whilst on Norfolk you can totally relax because there are no snakes on the island. You can therefore take your time to stroll through our wonderful tracks in the National Parks with no busy crowds - just amazing scenery and tranquility to remain free from disturbance. 

Doesn't have Traffic or Traffic Lights

Norfolk Island is only 5km by 8km so there is not much commuting time to get from A to B. Can you even imagine what it is like to drive around and the only traffic that slows you down is a group of cows crossing the road? Cows have the right of way so sometimes it can take a little while! But with no traffic lights on island there really aren't any delays so it won't take long to drive to Emily Bay for a quick swim after your bushwalk.

Doesn't have Light Pollution

At night time Norfolk Island has no light pollution and boasts one of the darkest skies on earth. It is an astronomer's delight! You may like to gaze at the Milky Way or see how many satellites you can spot soaring overhead. 

​ So, if you stop to think about the 'everything Norfolk Island doesn't have' then it might just be the reason you want to visit Norfolk Island.

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