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Norfolk Island's Gallery Trail

There's something in the Norfolk Island air that brings out the inner creative. It soaks through the pores in your skin. Maybe it's the way the light refracts through some of the planet's purest air, maybe it is the bucolic vistas around each bend in the road, or maybe it is the extraordinary sunrises and sunsets across the expansive boundless ocean horizons. Whatever, the island is home to some amazingly creative people, whether it is photography, art, writing, weaving or pottery. There's no better way to pass a few hours on Norfolk Island than by visiting some of our local galleries. Here are a few that will keep you browsing happily.

1. Gallery Guava 

Gallery Guava was established more than 20 years ago to showcase the work of Norfolk Island artists. The gallery is owned by talented artists Tracey Yager and Sue Draper, and displays their Norfolk-Island inspired work as well as artworks from a number of local and visiting artists. You'll find a range of quality of glassware, pottery, ceramics, jewellery, prints and textiles. If you are looking for a gift to take home, or a piece for yourself, there is sure to be something here that will catch your eye. From locally designed tea towels and totes, through to cards, original paintings and driftwood collages, Gallery Guava has a well-priced selection. 

Where: At the Cyclorama complex, corner Queen Elizabeth Avenue and Mulberry Lane

Phone: +672 3 23871

Hours: Mon to Fri 9.00 – 5.00 Sat and Sun 10.00 – 3.00

2. Norfolk Art 

If you want to capture a quintessential Norfolk scene from your holiday, Norfolk Art is the place to go. Artist Adam Jauczius, inspired by the true beauty of the island, describes it in stunning saturated colours. His work can be purchased either as original paintings or as high-quality prints in a range of different sizes. He also stocks postcards and gift cards, jewellery and other small gift items. Bag those gifts to take home, here.

Where: 102A Taylors Road, opposite Benjamin's in Burnt Pine

Phone: +672 3 22542

Hours: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 9.00 – 4.00 Wed and Sat 9.00 – 12.30

3. Aatuti Art 

This gallery is named after a small black and orange fish with bundles of attitude that can be found on Norfolk's coral reefs. Norfolk Islander artist Sue Pearson, a descendant of the Tahitian women and Bounty mutineers specialises in printmaking to make commentary on her island home and heritage and of the Norf'k people's connections across the wider Pacific region. Sue produces a range of textiles, clothing and homewares including picnic cloths, pareu (sarongs), shirts and T shirts, as well as original fine art pieces, books and prints of her work. You will find a unique range hand-carved Pitcairn Island handcrafts, too. Aatuti Art is the perfect place to find some great gifts to take home with you. 

Where: Taylors Road, next door to The Golden Orb Cafe, Burnt Pine 

Phone: +672 3 23669 

Hours: Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri 9.30 – 3.30 Wed 9.30 – 12.30

4. Tutankhamun's Tomb 

Tucked at the end of the Village in Burnt Pine is a quirky, out-of-left-field exhibition – albeit not strictly speaking an art gallery – depicting the tomb of Tutankhamun. This exhibit is definitely worth taking some time to visit. Local artist Rachael McConnell has recreated in amazingly fine detail the murals found inside tut Ankh Amun's Tomb. The work involved in preparing this exhibit to this standard is quite breath-taking. The Tomb holds replicas of magnificent Egyptian jewellery – some of the pieces are identical to those found on King Tut when he was discovered – as well as mirrors, chairs, stonework, and more. There is a maximum of three people allowed in the exhibit at any one time, at a cost of $30 a head. It is best to phone ahead or pop into Madisons and speak to Kyla next door to arrange a viewing. 

Where: The Village, near Madisons, Burnt Pine 

Phone: +672 3 22952 

Hours: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 9.00 – 4.00 Wed 9.00 – 12.30

5. Niow Jewellery and Design

Donna Rowlinson handcrafts jewellery in her studio on Taylors Road opposite the Visitors' Information Centre – brooches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keyrings and much more – from a range of found objects including glass, shells and pottery, supplemented by decorative beads and pearls. Pop in and have a browse – each piece is unique. Donna also stocks a range of gift items, such as toys, scarves and bags. Niow (pronounced knee-ow) is Norf'k for the midriff of the palm leaf, traditionally used in a bundle to make a yard broom. 

Where: 36H Taylors Road, opposite the Visitors' Centre in Burnt Pine 

Phone: +672 3 51109 

Hours: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat 10.30 – 4.00 Wed 10.00 – 12.30 Sun 8.00 – 12.00

6. Norfolk Island Cottage Pottery and Art Gallery 

Take a drive out to Anson Bay and there you will find the Norfolk Island Cottage Pottery owned by Steve and Alison Ryves. The pottery studio and adjoining art gallery are set in the pretty surrounds of the Hilli Goat Farm. Steve produces an extensive range of high-fired porcelain and stoneware items, while Alison paints and makes jewellery. In the art gallery, you will find both prints and originals, silk paintings, collages and much more. Recently, the pair collaborated on a beautiful and practical line of reusable coffee cups. Other items for sale include bowls, vases, cups and mugs and decorative pieces. 

Where: Anson Bay Road 

Phone: +672 3 22828 

Hours: Mon to Fri 8.00 – 5.00 Sat 9.30 – 12.30

7. Gaye Evans Gallery 

Gaye's studio and gallery are housed in a pretty island cottage on Cascade Road. Her art reflects her heritage and passion for Norfolk Island, where she is inspired by the lush tropical flowers in her garden and the stunning Norfolk Island scenery. A self-taught artist, Gaye stocks a range of work, some playful and quirky, as well as more traditional canvases. Art runs through the family; also on display are works by her daughter, Chelsea. 

Where: 103 Cascade Road 

Phone: +672 3 55272 

Hours: By appointment

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