Your Norfolk experience starts here...

Norfolk time moves to a unique cadence; a steady soothing rhythm that's neither fast nor slow, but it is in sync with the natural order of life.
It encourages re-connection to the things we know should be priorities, and surprisingly the gentler pace of life
leaves more time for just about everything.

Visitors to Norfolk feel the relaxed vibe the moment they step from the plane. Met with the unreserved  smiles of locals, heartened by a friendly joke or two, the instant impression of Norfolk Island is one of unaffected simplicity. No lines of traffic, no parking meters, no queues, no hawking, no worries. People wave to each car as they pass, a gesture that soon becomes second nature to visitors – even the obliging roadside cattle get the occasional greeting. 

Norfolk Island is the perfect escape from a demanding world. The delightful switch into ‘Norfolk Time’ allows the internal clock to release the passing of each hour, and frees the mind from expectation.


"Watawieh yorlyi" - Hello and how are you?