There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

The Norfolk Island museums reveals to you Norfolk's amazing and multi-layered stories. The Island was first settled by the Polynesians, discovered by Captain Cook in 1774, then in 1788 by the British who later made it a convict hell hole. Since 1856 it has been the home to the descendants of the Bounty mutineers. The 4 museums located in World Heritage Kingston, help you explore the island's past as well as today's living local culture.

No. 10 Quality Row - A Georgian House built for the Foreman of Works and restored to 1844.

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Pier Store - Housing the Pitcairn/ Norfolk stories, including artefacts from the Bounty, Pitcairn Island and Norfolk Island since 1856.

Sirius Museum- Housing nationally significant artefacts from the Flag Ship of the First Fleet HMS Sirius wrecked at Kingston in 1790.

Commissariat Store - Archaeological remains that have been collected from around the Kingston area are on display here.

Research Centre is located on Quality Row, opens 11am - 3pm Mon, Tues, Thur and Fri and Wed 9am - 5pm. (NB charges to apply for research fees)

A museum pass is available $35 for adults, it includes entry to the Research Centre and you can join a guided tag along tour. School children are free.

For Whom the Bell tolls - stories from the Cemetery. Every Tuesday and Friday at 900am a guided tour through the convict cemetery.

Hours of operation

Museums: Monday to Saturday all venues 11.00am to 3.00pm, Sundays - Pier Store only 11.00am to 3.00pm

Norfolk Island Museum