Pacific Peace 8-15 August 2020

Clubs and Bistros Norfolk Island

Pacific Peace 2020 is an initiative of The Norfolk Island RSL Sub Branch and the Community of Norfolk Island in association with Norfolk Island Regional Council, and the Commonwealth of Australia to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of end of the war in the Pacific and the strategic role Norfolk Island delivered during World War II.


More than 16 events will take place from 7-15 August 2020, attracting visitors from all over the world to Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island contributed greatly to the war efforts, with the highest per capita personnel involvement from anywhere in the world. The island was a key contributor as a forward base for aircraft and the New Zealand Army, as one of the links in the Supply Chain to activities happening further north, and also as a hub for radio and radar transmissions to assist the allies with primary intelligence on ship locations, movements and strategies.

This event will honour the significant contribution of the island and its people and provide a much needed boost to the local economy.