Honu Hop-on Hop-off Explorer - Cruise Ship shuttle bus

Island Explorer Tours is proudly a 100% island family owned business.  We aim to always offer excellent service, great value, and trouble-free happy travel.  We are your Norfolk Island specialists and our family of legendary local guides and story-stitchers would be thoroughly thrilled and honoured to show you around our awesome island home, help you to discover the special and unmissable places that only a local might know, and share with you its truly amazing stories and hidden gems.  We are very proud islanders and we are here to help you experience the best of what Norfolk has to offer in a tailored, fun, flexible, and spontaneous way with fascinating insider insights into the island’s everyday quirks and iconic past.  So all you need to do is relax and enjoy our beautiful island home or as the islanders would say ‘stiwelaut du fait aa hili kamen orn, patapahuf en tek et iisi yorlye’!


Watawieh yorlye!  A very warm welcome to Norfolk Island’s original Hop-on Hop-off cruise ship sightseeing shuttle bus tour service especially designed to help our cruise ship visitors get the most out of their shore time with us.  It’s the best value & easiest way to play, relax, explore, and enjoy our awesome island.  There’s a reason why these tours are so popular world-wide. It’s a perfect blend of exploration and experiences and a fabulous way to see it all and do it all in a day.  Norfolk Island is very hilly and there is no public transport available. Our Honu Hop-on Hop-off loop tours offer excellent service and trouble-free happy travel. Your experience includes legendary local guides and live commentary. Our great highlights and sightseeing loop shuttle bus tours run all day during cruise ship visits so you can make the most of your shore excursion, discover Norfolk’s famous landmarks and attractions, enjoy the gorgeous scenery including turquoise lagoons and stunning vistas, immerse yourself in the past while exploring our fascinating World Heritage history, escape into unspoilt natural beauty, or explore the quirky little township, it’s up to you, all you have to do is choose how you want to enjoy the island.  Tailor your experience to suit your schedule and interests with our three great fun flexible passes.
HONU ISLAND EXPLORER (11 STOPS 4 HRS), HONU WORLD HERITAGE EXPLORER (8 STOPS 3 HRS) & BIG HONU SUPER EXPLORER PASS (ALL STOPS ALL-DAY). You can hop-on hop-off or stay on and do the full loop, play all day, or slow down and enjoy the charming pace of island life. It’s so easy.  Simply turn-up-and-go and loop-back.  We believe you will discover one of the world’s best kept secrets - a truly unique, seriously special, and refreshingly different kind of Pacific island paradise. We look forward to welcoming you on one of our tours.  In the meantime, wherever you are in this wonderful world, we wish you a beautiful day!

Taylors Road Norfolk Island 2899


There are two port areas on the island.  Once your ship anchors you will be ferried ashore in tenders.  If your ship anchors off KINGSTON on the SOUTH-SIDE after disembarking you can join any of our Honu Hop-on Hop-off shuttle bus loop services from the Kingston Pier port area (our bus stop is a short flat 2 minute walk away).  If your ship anchors at CASCADE on the NORTH-SIDE please take the Ship Shuttle Bus from the Cascade port into the main township of Burnt Pine (from there it’s a short flat 2-3 minute walk to our main bus stop at the Visitor Information Centre in the Bicentennial Complex on Taylors Road in the Burnt Pine town-ship).  The HONU ISLAND EXPLORER & HONU SUPER EXPLORER service leaves from this stop.  You will also be able to take our HONU WORLD HERITAGE EXPRESS service from our two Burnt Pine stops to the Kingston Pier to join your HONU WORLD HERITAGE EXPLORER shuttle bus service.  Look for Honu the Turtle on our buses!  Later afternoon tours will return you to port.  If you are unsure of how to find us when you disembark just ask one of the friendly locals or volunteers either in town or at the cruise ship arrivals area for directions.