St. Barnabas Chapel

Historical & Cultural

Hours: 1st Sunday of the month 9am Service at All Saints at Kingston, 5pm Evening Prayer and Singalong at St Barnabas Chapel. All other Sundays of the month 9am Service at St Barnabas Chapel and 5pm Evening Prayer and Singalong held at All Saints at Kingston.

The mission church, St Barnabas Chapel, was built as a memorial to Bishop Patterson who was killed by natives in the Solomon Islands in 1871. 


The foundation stone was laid in November 1875 but the building was not completed until June 1880.

The chapel is simply beautiful. The four windows in the apse depict the four evangelists, the seats are carved and inlaid with Christian symbols in mother-o'-pearl, polished black and white marble paves the broad aisle leading to the sanctuary, which naturally is the most beautiful portion of the chapel, with its coloured marble floor, and glittering mosaic reredos screened with richly-carved wood.

In the centre is a massive silver cross that has been made out of Bishop Patteson's own table-silver, and this is flanked by silver candlesticks and vases of flowers.



Douglas Drive, 2899, Norfolk Island

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