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Captain James Cook was the first to officially discover Norfolk Island, describing it as “paradise” – a term he did not use liberally in his journals.  From 1788 to 1854, this paradise became a harsh penal colony and home to hapless convicts.  Today, it is home to the descendants of the Bounty Mutineers whose barefoot manners, warmth and hospitality have been woven into the island’s unique and timeless rhythm – a special charm that draws visitors back time and time again.

Norfolk Island offers excitement, fun, relaxation, adventure, indulgence, culture, history and surprise for everyone to experience and enjoy – come on over and visit us soon.

Yorlyi come look orn!

(Come and have a look)

360 degress of wonder
Map of Australia, New Zealand and Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Stories

​ Norfolk Island, being is surrounded by the ever so inviting South Pacific Ocean. Well known for its fishing and surf breaks, there are also some world class underwater activities available literally as soon as you enter the sea. Rich in history, Norfolk Marine Park, surrounding Norfolk Island...
Norfolk Island's Gallery TrailThere's something in the Norfolk Island air that brings out the inner creative. It soaks through the pores in your skin. Maybe it's the way the light refracts through some of the planet's purest air, maybe it is the bucolic vistas around each bend in the road, or maybe ...
​ Norfolk Island is often placed in the 'small' category – so it may come as a surprise that there are so many tracks and trails to walk or ride but rest assured, there's plenty of ground to cover on this magical slice of paradise! We've covered a few of the tr...