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Watawieh (hello)

Located 29.03º south and longitude 167.95º east, approximately 1,600km north-east of Sydney and 1,100km north-west of Auckland; Norfolk Island is South Pacific paradise, abundant with stories, activity and character. A sub tropical island of 3455 hectares and 5 x 8 kilometres, the island moves to a unique cadence, a steady soothing rhythm that's neither fast nor slow, but is in sync with the natural order of life.

Norfolk Island is the perfect escape from a demanding world. The delightful switch to "Norfolk Time" allows the internal clock to release the passing of each hour, and frees the mind from expectation. From a cruisy cafe lunch to a snorkel in Emily Bay lagoon - all the island asks is that you enjoy its offerings. Discover for yourself why visitors return time and time again. There's so much more to Norfolk Island!

It is only a 2.5 hr flight from Australia or 2 hr from New Zealand. Air New Zealand operates flights from Brisbane Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday and from Sydney Monday, Friday and Sunday.


Air Chathams operates a direct flight every Friday from Auckland.

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