National Parks & Botanical gardens

Reserves & National Parks

Take in the incredible island views from Mt Pitt and Mt Bates, the two highest points on the island. Visit the Captain Cook monument and lookout platform for spectacular coastline views and make use of the picnic facilities and barbecues provided.

You can purchase the 4 National Park pack for $5 from the Visitor Information Centre. (includes walking track map, birds, plants & Phillip Island pamphlets)

The Botanical garden, located at the top of Grassy Road, is a great place to explore and learn about Norfolk Island's plants and animals. Wander through the cultivated gardens to see a display of Norfolk Island's unique plants and take in the beautiful vista from the viewing platform. You can learn more about the island's unique bird life and plants in the Discovery Centre, also located in the gardens.


Norfolk Island National Park welcomes visitors to explore its stunning scenery and rich diversity of bird life. From bushwalks to barbecues, there is something for everyone. Experience natural Norfolk Island on the walking tracks in the national park. Tracks wind through lush palm forests, stands of Norfolk Island pine and along the coastal fringe. You can even walk beneath the tallest tree ferns on earth.

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