There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island - 360º of Calm


International travel options may be limited in these uncertain times, but Australia has a South Pacific holiday ace up its sleeve and it’s us.

With 101 things to experience, and zero recorded cases of COVID-19, Norfolk Island offers a totally unique travel experience and peace of mind in paradise.

Norfolk Island is a South Pacific paradise


Whichever way you turn, you’ll find 360º of Wonder.

Many visitors are surprised to learn that Norfolk Island lies just over two hours across the horizon from Australia’s East Coast. And they are even more surprised by the historical, cultural and natural wonders they discover when they land.

Most first timers to Norfolk struggle to see all our incredible island has to offer in a single week, which is why so many return time after time. So, what can you expect to experience on Norfolk Island?

Discover Norfolk Island, a history and culture like no other

360º of Story Listen to the songs and stories shared by the descendants of Polynesian seafarers and Bounty Mutineers. Explore convict ruins where the echoes of leg irons and the lash still linger. From ghost stories to murder mysteries, folk tales to great romances, Norfolk Island has a story like no other.

360º of Adventure Float across pristine coral reefs just metres from the beach. Paddle out to perfect surf breaks where the only crowds are dolphin pods. And cast off into waters so thick with snapper your line will be zig-zagging in seconds. On Norfolk, the spirit of adventure calls out from all four winds, morning noon and night.

360º of Nature Wander world-class beaches where the footprints are few. Follow trails to the forest hideaways of the Pacific’s rarest birds. Experience the Milky Way as you’ve never seen it before. Weather it’s sand between your toes, bird song in your ears or the stars in your eyes, you’ll soon become one with nature on Norfolk.

360º of Flavour Pile your plate with real food caught, collected and harvested from our pristine waters, tide pools and paddocks each day. From our restaurants to weekly farmers market, from our island beef to artisanal cheeses, the incredible freshness and seasonal flavours of our food will awaken all your foodie senses.

360º of Fun Tee off on a golf course set within our stunning World Heritage Site. Enjoy 360º views as you cruise beneath the pines in an open-top Mini Moke. Lose the kids in the Hedge Maze, and let our resident thespians entertain you on themed walks and stage shows. There’s fun for all around every bend on Norfolk.

Whichever way you turn on Norfolk Island you’ll find 360º of Wonder, and our people are ready and waiting to share it all with you.


Who can visit Norfolk Island right now? 


QLD residents: Come on over! We’re currently welcoming guests from Queensland on our once-a-week flight from Brisbane.

WA, SA, TAS, NT residents: You can fly via Brisbane. Keep in mind, however, you can’t have visited COVID-19 hotspots as defined by Australian health authorities.

NSW, ACT & VIC residents: Unfortunately, we can’t welcome you at the moment. Due to various border restrictions and government advice, you’ll have to wait. But please check back here regularly as things change quickly in these COVID-19 times.


How do you get to Norfolk Island?

Norfolk is normally serviced by regular, direct flights from Australia and New Zealand. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the island is currently accessible by direct flights from Brisbane once weekly. A Norfolk Island Entry Pass is required; entry conditions apply and are being updated regularly on our COVID-19 information page.

How do you get an entry pass?

All visitors, including children, will need an entry pass. You must allow at least 24-72 hours before your departure for approval. Our island is clean, green and uncrowded. Fill out an application form for a Norfolk Island Entry Pass and you could soon be socially distancing yourself from an anxious world in paradise!

Norfolk Island Accommodation


Where to stay

We offer motels, cabins and bed and breakfasts to suit most tastes and budgets. Check out our amazing accommodation here. Norfolk Island offers more than just places to stay. Welcome to an island where every trail, forest, beach and clifftop feels like home.