There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

The Norfolk Island logo has been revisited. While keeping true to the overall impact of the existing brand creative, it has been moved forward, given a new deep and meaningful value, while creating an elegant logo outline element that encompasses the destination brand and core values in 2018. 'There's more to Norfolk Island' becomes an intrinsic part of the logo element while retaining the outer shape of the previous logo creative and the iconic Norfolk Pine.

The logo pays subtle homage to the Norfolk Islanders' Polynesian heritage. Polynesians were the first to settle on Norfolk, departing long before Europeans arrived. Captain James Cook, who discovered Norfolk Island in 1774, first mentioned Polynesian tattoos when he was on an earlier voyage (1768–1771). Then he described the cultures and traditions of the Polynesian people; in ancient Polynesian culture there were no written words, and instead tattoo art was used to display character and personality. Polynesians sailed with the Bounty mutineers to Pitcairn Island. Their descendants remain proudly Polynesian with their culture and traditions prevalent on Norfolk Island today.

Norfolk Island pine tree logo elements

It is entirely fitting here to have a symbol that reflects that culture, while encompassing the island and many of the things it offers the Norfolk Island visitor. It is all encapsulated in the distinctive and iconic Norfolk Pine Tree element and shape we have used on Norfolk Island for many years.


Norfolk Island Tourism Branding 2018 - YouTube

Norfolk Island Tourism is excited to announce an update to our Branding and we invite you to view the presentation clip! We have a new logo, have amended the...

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