There's more to Norfolk Island There's more to Norfolk Island

Mother Nature is present within every Norfolk Island vista. The green rolling hills, lagoon fringed shoreline, treasure-filled rock pools, soaring seabirds and stately Norfolk Island pines are all part of the island’s backdrop; a lovely combination of country charm and seaside serenity.

The majestic Norfolk Island pine is world famous, though the island is also home to around sixty other plant species found nowhere else on the planet, including the world's tallest tree fern.

The birds of Norfolk are the island's true owners; White Terns fluttering through the pines, Red-Tailed Tropic birds gliding past the sheer cliffs, and one of the world's rarest birds - the Green Parrot, found only on Norfolk Island; brought back from extinction due to sheer determination and clever conservation.

Although Norfolk Island is only thirty-five square kilometres in size, the protected National Park covers over five square kilometres, and offers more than eight kilometres of incredibly picturesque walking trails. The islands botanical gardens, public reserves and designated picnic and BBQ areas are even more reason to step outside into the fresh Norfolk air.

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