Your Norfolk experience starts here...


Coming ashore

All disembarkments to Norfolk Island are weather and sea dependant. Norfolk Island does not have a harbour however there are two piers used as landing places for cruise ships at Kingston and Cascade Bays. Both piers provide easy access for disembarking with concrete steps down to the high-water mark. Passengers are ferried ashore on passenger transfer vessels from large cruise ships, or tender/inflatable zodiacs from small ships. Passengers will be greeted at the pier by the shuttle bus company staff and either transferred to the town transit point at Burnt Pine or directed to bus operators for access to pre-booked tours.


There are a wide range of guided bus tours offered to cruise ship passengers such as historical, cultural, scenic or soft adventure to name a few. These need to be pre-booked with the cruise company. For passengers wishing to experience the island themselves, there is bush-walking in the National Parks and Public Reserves, swimming in Emily and Slaughter Bays, museums, art galleries, shopping, and much more.
Alternatively, you can pre-book a ticket for the Hop On Hop Off Bus via the Norfolk Island Visitors Information Centre. ENQUIRE

Visitors Information Centre (VIC)

Conveniently located in the town centre on Taylors Road, the VIC is open 7 days a week and will extend opening hours on busy cruise ship days. The VIC sells internet cards, stamps, postcards, and local souvenirs. You can even have your passport stamped with a unique Norfolk Island stamp at the VIC. Call in and see the friendly staff or ask the volunteers for maps and brochures to make your day trip enjoyable.


Norfolk Island currently operates with a 2G mobile network and has designated public WiFi access areas available around the island. Therefore the Island's mobile network capacity is limited to voice calls and basic SMS (no pictures or attachments). No data can be transmitted on a 2G network.  Pre-paid Telecom Hotspot Vouchers start from $5 for 1 hour and can be purchased from the Visitors Information Centre. The vouchers  can be used at any of the Telecom Hot spot areas around the island such as cafes, throughout the Burnt Pine town centre, and some areas in Kingston.


Please note the island is quite mountainous and transport of some type is highly recommended. There is no public transport or taxi service on the island. Some hire car companies will accept one day bookings for cruise ship passengers (depending on availability). Livestock roam freely on the roads and have the right of way. General speed limit is 50 km/hr, reduced to 40 km/hr in the town centre and 30km/hr in the Kingston area. All drivers acknowledge passing vehicles which is called the 'Norfolk wave' and visitors are encouraged to also wave!

Shopping & Cafes

Most shops and cafes are located in the Burnt Pine town area on Taylor's Road.  Some shops stock imported goods that may not be readily available in Australia or New Zealand and you can also purchase locally created souvenir items. Additionally Market stalls may be set up in town during cruise shop days. Most shops will extend their hours during busy cruise ship days.

Dial 000 for any EMERGENCY.