Your Norfolk experience starts here...

Norfolk Island is surrounded by crystal clear, sapphire coloured ocean that frame the dramatic cliff tops. If you are going anywhere by boat, you will be surprised to see the boat lifted by crane off the pier and dropped into the ocean before hopping on to it. There's deep sea fishing, kayaking, glass bottom boat tours and Emily Bay lagoon is perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

We call 'fishing' on Norfolk Island ‘catching’ – and with good reason. Hire a rod and casually cast your line from one of the two piers. Join a charter fishing trip with a local expert and find yourself reeling in succulent Sweet Lip (we call them Trumpeter), Kingfish, and Wahoo – naming just a few. To complete your day, cook your catch on an open BBQ.
There are plenty dotted around the island.

We balance our 360 degree world here at Norfolk Island. We only take what we need from the ocean. As a community, we monitor our catch because we know if we don’t look after the balance, we will lose the abundance of foods we currently enjoy. This abundance is our lifestyle and it has continued with the grace and charm of a bygone era. We are thankful for it.

Boating 2
"Plenti mor fish in a worta" - There are plenty more fish in the sea