Your Norfolk experience starts here...

The people of Norfolk Island are guardians of a lifestyle that’s disappearing from the world.

Visitors find the Norfolk way of life appealing 
and at times nostalgic, for the island reflects a 
trusting community 
where keys are for opening, not hiding; where energy is not wasted on fearing for belongings, but spent welcoming and sharing 
a strong sense of community. The pleasant year round temperature and the great variety of events, activities and social gatherings keep everyone, local and visitor alike, content and entertained.

The island is a perfect location for a retreat, to rest and recover, reconnect to nature and self - though the sheer availability of activities means that a Norfolk Island holiday can be as relaxing or adventurous as the mood prescribes.

There is an 
ease to everything on Norfolk; a short hop to the beach, a skip to some of the world’s most scenic picnic spots, a jump to all recreational activities from golf to bike riding and pilates.

From a cruisy café lunch to a snorkel in Emily’s lagoon - all the island asks is that you enjoy its offerings.


"Du meikhies, es sloewan orn Norf'k" - Don't hurry. Norfolk's pace of life is slower.