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We live on a story-book island. Norfolk Island really is one of the most magical places on Planet Earth ~ the very Last Paradise. Pristine. Exhilarating. Charming. All in one exquisite little and very delicious bite.
We are your expert local guides and story-stitchers. We are also island history and World Heritage tour specialists; with so many fascinating layers of history we have a multitude of truly amazing stories to tell you. It goes without saying, we have a deep love for our island home?its culture, history, nature, and way of life and our family has strong ties with the Bounty mutineers and their Polynesian partners, in fact our family are 8th generation islanders. Our passion for our island and its curious heritage will surely enrich your island experience, so pack your Spirit of Adventure and come explore our island home with us as we journey from its fiery emergence, through to its mysterious Polynesian settlement, European colonisation and an horrific convict past, to the arrival of the pious Pitcairners’ in 1856 before finally immersing ourselves in living local culture and a relaxed, laid-back contemporary Pacific island life.

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