101 things to do

101 things to do

For such a small island, there is so much to do!

1.        Saturday Farmers markets from 7.30am - 10.30am.

2.        Sunday arts & craft markets from 8.30am - 11.00am.

3.        Explore the Convict Ruins in the World Heritage area of Kingston.

4.        Learn the layers of history at the four Kingston museums.

5.        The Sirius museum houses First Fleet flagship HMS Sirius artefacts which was wrecked on the Kingston reef.

6.        Drive to the top of Mount Pitt for a 360° view of the Island.

7.        Walk from Mt Pitt across to the highest point Mt Bates which is 319 metres.

8.        Discover the Cockpit waterfall at Cascade.

9.        Government House Charity Open day is once a month.

10.      Watch the cargo boat unloading (limited visits throughout the year)

11.      Get outdoors on the many walking trails in the National Parks.

12.      Visit the Botanical gardens Discovery Centre.

13.      Visit the Hilli Goat farm for a tour & cheese tasting.

14.      Attend a Norfolk Island Church service.

15.      Visit Fletcher's Mutiny Cyclorama a 360° painting of the famous Mutiny on the Bounty saga.

16.      Research your convict ancestry and family tree at the Research centre.

17.      Indulge in locally made chocolate.

18.      Visit the Liqueur factory to sample locally made liqueurs.

19.      Swim at Emily bay lagoon (listed in the top 10 beaches of the South Pacific)

20.      Snorkel at Slaughter & Emily bays & marvel at the fish & coral.

21.      Have a game of golf on the World Heritage seaside course.

22.      Take a picnic & stay awhile at the Captain Cook lookout.

23.      Keep your feet dry & hop on a Glass bottom boat tour.

24.      Marvel at the rock formations on a guided sea kayaking tour.   

25.      Hire some fishing gear & try your luck from one of the jetties.

26.      Enjoy local fish, salads & desserts at an island cliff- top fish fry.

27.      Explore Norfolk’s valleys and ridges with Island Adventure tours.

28.      Take a carriage ride with Culla & his Clydesdale horses.

29.      Witness the celebrations of Anniversary (Bounty) Day annually on the 8 June.

30.      Add adventure to your holiday with a guided trek to the outer island, Phillip Island.

31.      Create your own souvenir at a painting class at the Local Gallery.

32.      Walk the boardwalk down to the secluded Bumboras beach.

33.      Pack your surfboard and catch a break beyond the reef.

34.      Receive 20% discount on bottles of spirits at the Liquor Bond, just present your airline ticket.

35.      Join a guided electric bike tour around the island.

36.      Enjoy a fun night at “Housie/Bingo” every Monday at the Paradise hotel.

37.      Rejuvenate with a relaxing massage or beauty treatment.

38.      Participate in a local Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi class.

39.      Lose yourself in the hedge maze at Strawberry Fields.

40.      Head out to Puppies Point and witness a stunning sunset.

41.      Rise & shine early and witness the sunrise over Kingston.

42.      Take the many steps to the top of flagstaff hill centenary walkway.

43.      Have a game of mini golf at the Toy Shop - Grassy Road.

44.      Take the Walk in the wild, a private rainforest with storyboards and statues.

45.      Take a photo amongst the roots of the magnificent Moreton Bay fig trees.

46.      Join in the local sports! Touch football, tennis, squash, netball, lawn bowls.

47.      Haul in your catch on a deep sea fishing charter.

48.      Book a scenic boat cruise around the 2 outer islands.

49.      On a sunny day roll back the roof on a moke and explore the island.

50.      Grab a local beef pack to cook on a cliff top BBQ.

51.      Arrange a healthy or traditional food picnic hamper.

52.      Purchase the little Norfolk cookbook & try your hand at traditional recipes.

53.      Take a Lantern Lit Ghost tour, it will give you chills.

54.      Watch the historical play the Trial of the Fifteen.

55.      Visit the St Barnabas Chapel, & marvel at the rose windows.

56.      Pre-book a lunch platter and wine tasting at the Two Chimney Winery.

57.      Get involved with conservation work & things that matter with WILDMOB.

58.      Grab your camera & binoculars & look out for the rare green parrot.

59.      Satisfy your sweet tooth and book a High Tea.

60.      Star gaze at the amazing skyline, the stars will feel so close.

61.      The Royal Agriculture & Horticultural Show day is on every October.

62.      Visit the bottle house, which is made from over 36,000 bottles.

63.      Watch a movie at the Ferny Lane theatre, get there early for a comfy couch!

64.      Hop on the old Model T Ford truck for a tour of the Pitcairn Settlers Village.

65.      Wave to passing cars it’s called the Norfolk wave.

66.      Kick your heels up at the annual Country music festival every May!

67.      Walk to the bottom of Anson Bay (not recommended for swimming but worth the walk)

68.      Hug a pinetree, water is stored in the trunk, so this will cool you down.

69.      Have your wedding on our beautiful island or re-new your vows.

70.      Listen to the local language at the magnificent Wonderland by Night.

71.      Take a guided snorkelling tour on the low tide.

72.      Take a swim in the rain; just remember to leave your towel in the car.

73.      Mix your holiday up with jazz & blues at the Jazz festival every December.

74.      Volunteer some time with the Boomerang bag group, aiming to rid of plastic bags.

75.      Join the Bird watching tour to discover our unique land & sea bird life.

76.      Keep fit during your holiday and take a gym class.

77.      Talk a walk through Simon’s Water private property for a view over Cascade.

78.      Shop til you drop in the Duty Free & G.S.T retail shops.

79.      Stop at the roadside stalls for in season fruit & vegetables & home cooking.

80.      Purchase locally crafted wood work & traditional hats & baskets.

81.      Join the local outrigger club for a paddle around the lagoon.

82.      Take a photo of yourself in the convict stocks outside Barney Duffy’s.

83.      Wander through the Queen Victoria Memorial gardens.

84.      Meet the local weavers at the Golden Orb café every Wednesday.

85.      Call into the Visitor Information Centre for a copy of a fun car rally.

86.      Request a song on local radio, every Thursday. Phone the station 22137.

87.      Watch the aircrafts land & take off along the fence line of the airstrip.

88.      Learn about the islands culture, language & cooking on a Cultural tour.

89.      Take a tour of the island’s small industries with Boc’s Farm & Industry tour.

90.      Visit the Art galleries for locally designed and beautifully created art works.

91.      Join a tour through the late Colleen McCullough’s home (Australian Author)

92.      Buy a CD of local music for a permanent souvenir.

93.      Join us in November for the Taste Norfolk Food festival.

94.      Visit for Thanksgiving Day celebrations every November.

95.      Check out the nicknames listed in the local phone book.

96.      Join the ghost of Elizabeth Robinson for dinner & a tour in historical Kingston.

97.      Check out the blackboard menus at the Sport club bistros.

98.      Have a fun game of barefoot bowls.

99.      Collect driftwood & shells to make your own wind chime.

100.    Visit the South Pacific Display Centre on New Cascade Road.

101.    If you use social media during your stay don’t forget to #norfolkisland.