There's More to Norfolk Island.

Before they visit, many people say they thought a week would be too long. Invariably our visitors arrive at the end of their stay wondering why did didn't plan to spend longer so they could have done more of the available activities.

A third of Norfolk Island is within national parks and reserves making bushwalking, mountain biking and bird watching around our spectacular coastline popular activities. 
Other activities include history, heritage and cultural pursuits such as a visit to the museums, convict ruins tours, island cultural tour and shows such as the Mutiny on the Bounty show. For those who prefer outdoor activities go for a horse ride, snorkelling among coral reefs, surfing, trekking, fishing, swimming and we even have paintball!

Norfolk Island's heritage is so extraordinary it reads like fiction. An enthralling legacy of Polynesian explorers, convicts, mutineers, South Pacific islanders and whalers can be experienced through the architecture, exhibitions, interpretive tours, shows and museums that bring our history to life. The site of Kingston is World Heritage Listed where 4 museums are located, research centre, Government House, Bloody bridge, the golf course, our beaches, cemetery (yes this is well worth a visit)  and so much more.

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